Sadar Hospital, Giridih

According to the last census the region has more than 1.5 million populations. Demand for better health condition, facilities and hygienic sanitation has increased with the rise in population. Giridih being an emerging city is able to meet the health needs of its citizens and has elaborate health facilities offered by both private and government health units.The state government is actively working towards achieving higher health condition and has launched several projects that aims at providing free of cost medical care.
Sadar hospital, Giridih that offers medical services to the residents free of cost. This hospital is well equipped with latest medical technologies to cure the dreadful diseases. These hospitals witnesses influx of patients throughout the year.In hospital, conducts several health relief camp in various villages and offer medical treatment in remote locations. Sadar Hospital capable of handling pressure during emergency situations and also have the OPDs (Outdoor Patient Department).The administration takes care of the number of employees working in the hospital so that the number might not affect the medical facilities. More

Blood Bank

The government has opened blood bank that operate day and night. The city also has dedicated blood banks that supplies blood to hospitals and patients during emergency. In case of any emergency, people may reach the blood bank to get the help.
Sadar Hospital Blood Bank Address: Shanti Bhavan Road, New Barganda, Giridih Phone: 9431160370

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