IVRS(Interactive Voice Response System)

IVRS Based Mamta Wahan Call Centre

  • Through DeGS, Mamta wahan call center with a solution to automate its cab booking process for pregnant women.
  • Two incoming numbers are being Provided::
    • Number A : Will handle inbound calls made by pregnant women / family   members.
    • Number B : Number for drivers to update their location
  • IVR would forward calls to drivers present at that location, and upon confirmation sms containing driver and pregnant women details would be exchanged with each other.
  • Solution Work Flow-Inbound Calls

  • Solution Work Flow-Incoming Calls

  • Family member (Caller) calls on Number A (Inbound number) to book a cab.
  • Caller presses 1 if he / she knows the area code, else presses 9 to talk to call center     executive
  • All the drivers present in that area are called in parallel manner
  • Driver that picks up the call is patched with the caller and they are able to speak
  • Post call sms containing details of each other are exchanged
  • In case the caller presses 9, call is transferred to the call center executive
  • Call center executive speaks to the caller and based on his area code patches the driver by     pressing *1# on his / her phone
  • All three members i.e. caller, driver and call center executive are placed in call
  • Post call sms containing details of each other are exchange
  • Solution Work Flow-Updating Driver Location

    Solution Work Flow-Sheduler & Allocator

  • Driver calls Number B to update their location or checkout
  • On Calling IVR will play the following message – “Welcome, Please press 1 to update your     location, or press 2 to checkout”
  • On Pressing 1 message following message will be played – “Please enter your location code”
  • Driver will punch in the location code and confirmation will be played. When driver calls for the first     time he will automatically be checked in
  • On pressing 2, driver would be checked out and system will not contact to allocate a booking
  • IVR will also play a message – “Thanks for checking out” when driver presses 2