Science is well defined enquiry based systematic study of body of rules, principles, law in which work and cause relationship could be established. It process of observing , describing, exploring and using the physical world around yes. It emphasized on enquiry based learning.

Project work is learner directed instructional input which provides learning experience suited to individual difference student develop independent thinking and working habits while working on a project. It develops learning communication skills through a variedly of activities.

Objective :-

  1. Understanding science in day to day use.
  2. correlation of scientific theory in practical life.
  3. understand curriculum with respect to scientific theory.
  4. Development of project approach.


  1. Teachers to oriented for implementing science mela in their schools in the month of June- July
  2. The best projects will be judge by team of evaluators and will be included in cluster level science mela at CRC. Aug-Sep.
  3. Block level science mela will organized at BRC in Oct- Nov. and the best among them will be selected for District level science mela at District Head Quarter in Dec.
  4. Awards and promotion will be provided at each level BEEO’s and BPO’s at school and CRC level and DSE and DEO at BRC level and DC / DM at District level.

Action Plan:-

  1. Model preparation, exhibition, Project work detailing and demonstration will be dune by students with motivational guidance by the teacher.