The responsibility of General Administration of the District lies with the Deputy Commissioner. He is the Executive Head and has three fold roles as:

  • Deputy Commissioner
  • District Collector
  • District Magistrate

He is assisted by the following officers for carrying out day to day work in various fields:

  • Deputy development Commissioner (DDC)
  • Additional Collector (AC)
  • Executive Magistrates
  • District Informatics Officer (DIO)
  • District Supply Officer (DSO)
  • District Transport Officer (DTO)
  • District Welfare Officer (DWO)
  • District Panchayati Raj Officers (DPRO)
  • District Treasury Officer (DTO)
  • District Election Officer (DEO)
  • Assistant Director, Social Security Cell
  • Land Reforms Deputy Collector

The Deputy Commissioner is the head of District administration. He also acts as the Collector in case of Revenue matters, as District Development Commissioner in case of District Developmental works, as District Magistrate in case of maintenance of Law and Order and General Administration, as District Election Officer in case of conduct of Election and so on.