Multi Sectoral Development Programme(MSDP)

Under Multi Sectoral Development Programme there are construction work undertaken for the infrastructure development for individual and for common use in the deprived area. In this financial year 15 Health Sub Centre, 50 ICDS centre and 1000 houses under Indira Awas Yojana is being constructed in this financial year (2012-13). All the construction work under ITDA is implemented by different agencies- NREP, REO and Rural Development Special Division.

Scholarship/ cycle distribution Schemes

Under welfare department there are total 38 types of scholarship scheme which give support and financial assistance to school going students who are from socio-economically deprived section focusing ST, SC and Backward Class. There are scholarship scheme for pre-metric student, cycle, uniform, treatment, school bag, shoes-socks etc.

Modified Area Development Approach (MADA) pockets

These are identified pockets of concentration of ST population containing 50% or more ST population within a total population of minimum of 10,000. The total number of MADAs identified so far in the various TSP States is 259. Generally, MADA pockets do not have separate administrative structures to implement development programmes. The line Departments of the State Govt. are expected to implement development programmes in MADA pockets under the overall control of the District authorities.

  1. Primary/ Middle/ High School
  2. +2 Above

Services Offered to the beneficiaries at anganbari Centres:

For Children in the Age group of 6 Months to 6 years

  1. Supplementary Nutrition
  2.  Health Check-up
  3. are for Primary Health
  4. Referral Services
  5. Immunization
  6. Non-Formal Education (For Children in the age group of 3-6 years.)

For Pregnant and Delivered Mothers

  1. Supplementary Nutrition
  2. Health Check-up
  3. Referral Services
  4. Immunization ( For Pregnant Women)
  5. Health & Nutrition Education.

Other Women

  1. Referral Services
  2. Health & Nutrition Education.