Emergency Services in Giridih

Even if one plans their life and travel cautiously still cannot escape emergency situations. There have been several times that we have faced many unexpected an unplanned challenges that were quite difficult to manage. During emergency times one needs help and counseling from friends and experts. It is always advisable to keep emergency helpline numbers to handle the situation in more better manner. For tourists and travelers it is wise to keep emergency numbers to avoid any critical situation. This is important as one is traveling in an entirely new city. Expert suggests that one must keep the emergency help lines handy so one may get help in case of any emergency. During the time of crisis the emergency helpline numbers are of great use as they can advise you appropriately. Mentioned below are few emergency services available in the city of Giridih


Ambulance services are must in case faced with any accident or similar situation. The Giridih administration has upgraded the ambulance services in the region due to increased influx of tourist throughout the year from various corners of the country. In the city there are several government and private hospitals that are offering emergency ambulance services to the patients. Ambulances are stranded on all major routes connecting Giridih to other parts of Jharkhand and India. In case of any mishap one must consider calling emergency ambulance service to reach the nearby medical relief center because the delay in getting proper treatment might cost the patient’s life. Listed below are few ambulance helpline numbers in the city.

  • Red Cross Ambulance Services:- 06532 226180
  • Rotary Ambulance Services:- 06532 226934
  • Late Baijnath Lal Ambulance:- 918092266899, 9570108296
  • Goinka Hospital Ambulance:- 06532 223304
  • Sardar Hospital Ambulance Services:- 9431160370

Police Helpline Numbers in Giridih

The city of Giridih has several police stations spread across the region to keep a vigil on law and order situation in the city. One can easily find the Police station and approach the police in case of any emergency situations. The Giridih Police are always available at the service of common people who may become victims of pick pocket, theft, robbery, eve teasing, harassment etc. In case of any difficulty one can always call police helpline for immediate assistance. Once affected with crime it is necessary to register an official complaint against the nature of crime in order to seek legal action. Any kind of delay can complicate the matter and things may worsen. One should not hesitate to register their complaint against the crime.

Superintendent of Police, Giridih

  • Name: Sri Surendra Kumar Jha
  • Phone: 06532 222056,
  • Mobile: 9431706326

SDPO, Giridih

  •     Phone: 06532 222766,
  •     Mobile: 9431706327,
  •     Control Room Phone: 06532 228828

Women Helpline in Giridih

Women often becomes the victim of several forms of crime like domestic violence, eve teasing, rapes, sexual exploitation etc. Thus the Giridih administration has initiated women helpline services to help the women.Women helpline apart from providing immediate help also provides advice and counseling to the needy. To safeguard the right of women, the Giridih police has stringent their rules and has shown zero tolerance toward crime against women. Although it is quite challenging to combat the crime against the women, but the police system are working hard to ensure total protection to the women in the region. To deal with the crime rate against women lady police officers are deployed in various police stations across the region to check the crime rate. The lady officers deal with the problems and also provide advice to the victim if required.

  • Mahila Thana Giridih:- 06532 222777
  • Women help line Giridih:- 100 & 228239

Blood Banks in Giridih

In case of medical emergencies immediate help should be rendered to the concerned person. During fatal accident blood banks play important role in saving the life of the concerned persons.The city observes the influx of several visitors over the year. The tourists might need emergency medical services, thus to deal with the problem the administration has arranged few blood banks services. These leading blood banks that can help you in times of emergency situations. For any kind of help during an emergency on can call any of the followings:

Sardar Hospital Blood Bank

  •  Address: Court Road Giridih
  • Giridih Phone: 9431160370

Goinka Hospital Blood Bank

  • Address: Gaddi Mohalla, Muslim Bazaar Road,
  • Giridih Phone: 06532 223304